What Are The Types of Car Phone Holders

What Are The Types of Car Phone Holders

There are so many options for a cell phone mount in cars globally. The need for this product has birthed high demands, which has many brands trying to make their phone holders without any quality checks. It is important, however, that you know, identifies, and understand each of these car phone holders so you can pick the best choice for you. This article will guide you on the most common types of car holders, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.

Suction pad phone holder (windshield)

This design of car placeholders can come in a cup or a padded design. As the name implies, it uses suction to stay still, and in this case, the location is on the windscreen. This can be very convenient in the usage flexibility, as you can rearrange and use your phone however you like. But it has a disadvantage if it obstructs the driver's view, which is against the main reason (safety) for the innovation of car phone holders. The major advantage of this design for car phone holders is the versatility, even when you change your car. But because of that single advantage, it is not allowed in some countries.

Suction cup phone holder (dashboard)

The suction cup or pad for the dashboard has the same working process as that of the windshield. Similarly, it has the same disadvantage of blocking the driver's view. However, this design is mostly used amongst drivers who provide professional driving services to better determine where they are going all the time. Another disadvantage of this type of car phone holder is affecting the vehicle's aesthetics. There are some extra adhesives usually added to the body of the phone holder that can damage the dashboard. However, this will only happen when you buy from brands that do not have a reputation. The Ugreen suction pads usually do not have adhesives that will damage the dashboard.

Air vent car phone holder

The air vent car phone holders are probably the best and most common type of holders for any driver in any part of the world. We say it is the best because it makes it convenient for you to look at and handle your phone easily without getting distracted. Moreso, it works with a clip, so there is almost zero possibility of it getting damaged. The only way a vent car phone holder will damage your vehicle is when your phone is weighty than what the clip can carry. Again, that is a function of the kind of holder you buy because the Ugreen vent car phone holder has no records of damaging the vent.


Different types of car phone holders with their respective features and advantages are all over the internet. It is essential to know the types of car phone holders to decide. As discussed in this guide, we have the classification of these types based on their locations in the car and mounting design. Hence, it is left for you to choose based on your preference. After selecting the type, be careful to pick a brand you can trust with quality.