Trapped in a Sedentary Lifestyle? Try a Under Desk Treadmill

Trapped in a Sedentary Lifestyle? Try a Under Desk Treadmill

Are you constantly sitting at a desk and feeling the effects of inactivity? One of the biggest impact of the epidemic to most people is getting fat given that they eat too much and go out less. In addition to the daily exercise, how to break a sedentary life and stop becoming fat? If you don't have an all-in-one desk at home, a height adjustable table and treadmill for small spaces would be the perfect solution for you.

An under desk treadmill can help you stay active while working from home or at the office. By incorporating an under desk treadmill and a standing desk into your daily routine, you will get to enjoy all the benefits of regular physical activity without sacrificing productivity or comfort. So if you are looking to break out of your sedentary lifestyle - try an under desk treadmill today!

Health Risks of an inactive lifestyle

Those who lead an inactive lifestyle are more likely to feel the muscles of their whole body are easy to ache, the neck becomes stiff, and the pressure of the upper body is concentrated in the lumbar spine. When sitting for a long time or sitting incorrectly, the muscles on both sides of the spine will compress the lumbar nerve due to the imbalance of tension, which causes chronic pain and the destruction of the stability of the lumbar spine, resulting in the lumbar disc herniation.

But not sitting at all is also unrealistic, "stand and sit alternately" is the best way. If you feel uncomfortable sitting for a long time, you will stand up. Therefore, lifting table is the best solution at present.

  • Alternate standing and sitting to relieve muscular fatigue;
  • Adjust the height of the table, according to the height of the user to set different heights;

Explore Height Adjustable Desk

The mainstream height adjustable standing desks on the market are mostly electric with similar mechanism by lifting of the table leg motor to achieve the lifting of the desktop.

When buying, consider the size of the desk, adjust the height and its bearing capacity, for example, some desks can bear 70KG, you have to check if your monitor, computer case, keyboard, mouse and other items exceed the weight limit.

The height can be adjusted normally from 690mm to 1210mm, and it supports saving three to four heights, which is convenient for family multi-user use. In addition, the main control panel of many desks is also equipped with about 3 charging ports, USB-A and USB-C, which would free you from additional chargers.

Under Desk Treadmill

There are also quite a lot of choices for under desk treadmill, take for instance, the WalkingPad under desk treadmill. There are automatic and manual mode for you to switch between on a WalkingPad. The automatic mode is to adjust the speed automatically according to the speed of your pace, and if you walk slowly and stop, the stepper will automatically stop. Manual mode, that is, use the remote control or App to adjust the speed, the fastest speed of the WalkingPad can reach 6.0km/h.

The screen on the front of the treadmill will tell you the time, distance, and pace of the walking and running. The app also allows you to see distance, steps, time, and calories burned. It’s worth mentioning that they are foldable so you can easily put it under a standing desk talked above or under your bed.


The biggest concern may be that everyone can work normally while walking?

It is no problem to get the job done while walking. You can find yourself still write articles, do calculations, browse the web, and talk to others normally while walking on a home treadmill. And, with the standing desk, it will greatly improve the experience of the walker, because the walker does not have a handle, and now you can put your hands on the table surface and walk more steadily. So if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut with no end in sight, try investing in an under desk treadmill.