” When planning my wedding I didn’t want any wedding planner at all. I wanted to cut costs and do a lot of things on my own. I met Elizabeth at a wedding show and she seemed amazing, so I decided to keep her information in case later on in my planning process I decided that I did want a planner. So a few months before my wedding I decided that I had no idea who was supposed to stand where, who walked with who, what order everyone walked in or anything about the ACTUAL ceremony,the most important part! I was all over google and youtube videos and there are so many different ways to do things. I decided to hire a planner for “day of wedding” services! I reached out to Elizabeth and told her what I needed. She offered to have an in person meeting and I chose to do everything via email and phone because I was just so busy with my college semester ending. I was a full time college student.. haha. I told her what I liked and how I thought I wanted things and then when we met we went over the plan for the day and the rehearsal. She attended our rehearsal, and everything went amazing! She may be tiny, but she can definitely handle a large uncooperative wedding party! She did a great job rounding everyone up to keep them focused at our rehearsal. Especially since my venue only allowed 1 hour with charges for going over 1 hour. I have no complaints about Elizabeth and I know you wont either! Her response time was extremely fast, she was very accommodating. I also paid a little extra for her to bring an assistant and they put everything up and tore everything down for my wedding day. Such as chargers, linens that I chose to rent, seating charts and everything! She kept me informed up front about everything. On my wedding day there were some storm clouds close to our venue and as soon as she was notified, she let me know there was a possibility of moving the ceremony inside. Thankfully the weather cooperated, and everything went great! We are so thankful for her!”


*Copied with permission from Wedding Wire Review