“My husband and I started our journey with Elizabeth approximately a year and a half ago. To say that this journey with her was anything short of amazing would a complete understatement. Elizabeth exceeded our expectations from the very second we began working together. She was easy to communicate with, and took ideas we had talked about and built off of them to make them even bigger and better. I knew that I would be attending graduate school during the time of the wedding, so I was worried about being cost effective. Elizabeth would literally spend countless amounts of time to help research and price match for my wedding to ensure that I got everything that I wanted for the best price. She even went as far as telling me what would be cheaper to buy as opposed to renting, which I thought was amazing. We had a couple of face to face visits to go over how different things would look together, and any questions or concerns I had about other vendors or things happening. As I established different things that I needed for the wedding, Elizabeth quickly jumped in to offer her rental service. Several of the things used in my wedding came from her rental service. If there was something that I needed that she didn’t have she would see if there was any way that she could buy the item out of pocket to rent to me for a much cheaper price than I would’ve bought them for. She went above and beyond her required services and for that we are grateful. Most of our planning came from two states away and she was always cooperative with that, offering whatever help she could. The day of the wedding she was a tremendous help, making sure that everything was taken care of and that we didn’t have a worry in the world. We would highly recommend her services to anybody in need of a wedding planner, or even rentals.”


Copied with Permission from Google Listing