“I started working with Elizabeth about two months before our wedding. At that time I had mostly booked the major vendors and was just overwhelmed with all the small, last-minute details. As soon as Elizabeth took over, it was such a huge weight lifted off my shoulder and I truly started to enjoy the time leading into the wedding. She was always quickly responsive to any communication and made sure we covered everything possible during the planning process.
I am blown away by how much effort Elizabeth put into making sure our wedding day was perfect. There were so many moving parts, I don’t know how she kept them all on track…but she did! She also had to spend a good chunk of the morning planning for potential rain. And of course, it rained for about 15 minutes right when our ceremony was supposed to start! This didn’t put much of a dent in our timeline however, because Elizabeth had already planned for it and rearranged some of our photos to be done prior to the ceremony. So by the time our ceremony finished, we were right back on track with the timeline. I just can’t thank her enough for how much effort and care she put into making sure our day was exactly what we planned for.”


Copied with permission from Wedding Wire Review