Marisa’s Wedding Day!

Marissa and Alex’s wedding day was filled with fun and thoughtful moments. They began their morning with an exchange of letters and gifts which includes custom cuff links for the groom. They then got married and proceeded to have a fun reception filled with lawn games and dancing the night away!! As calm and sweet as these two were with their amazing family and friends, what they were looking forward to most was time for just the two of them on their honeymoon and trip to Cabo. Wishing these two all the happiness in the world! Check out their big day below.

Photography: McIntee Photography

Venue: Carolina Moon Vintage

Coordination: Elizabeth’s Events

DJ: Complete Weddings and Events

Cake: Rachel Bailey Cake Artist

Officiant: Ann McKenzie

Makeup: Gorgeous Glam by Liz

Florist: Boomies on 42

Caterer: Old North State

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