Kirsten’s Wedding Day!

Kirsten’s Market Hall Wedding kicked off our 2019 wedding season! It was warmer on her January 5th wedding than it has been for the past two months which made her photos some of the easiest winter photos ever for which we were all thankful. Kirsten was one our our sweetest and most calm brides who everyone absolutely loved. Watching her marry her best friend surrounded by the love of their families was the best way we could have started off a New Year. Enjoy some photos from the wedding below!

Photographer: Neil Boyd Photography

Venue/Catering: Market Hall / 214 Martin Street

Flowers: Folie à Deux Events

Rentals: Pop The Champagne

DJ: Island Sound

Cake: Simply Cakes

raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (4)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (2)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (3)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (5)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (10)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (11)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (9)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (6)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (7)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (8)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (12)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (13)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (15)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (14)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (17)raleigh-wedding-nc-january-southern-wedding-planner (16)


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