Elizabeth’s Wedding!

I am so happy to finally be adding my own wedding into the portfolio as it took a lot of planning from a distance. My wedding to Chris was held on December 20th in St. Thomas and I worked constantly with the Island Bliss wedding team to plan out each detail of the day from when we would arrive in port, what decorations would be on our chairs, the ceremony set up and more. It was an amazing and perfect day that went by so fast but there were definitely some bumps along the way we had to work out. Keep reading to get the details on our special day!

We began our wedding day peacefully on the ship enjoying breakfast on our balcony together before going our separate ways to get ready.


While getting ready the ship director announced that due to weather we would be getting into port an hour later than expected. As you can imagine this was a huge problem as we had booked everything for the day on a set time schedule. I got the contact information for Island Bliss, called, and was luckily able to re-book our officiant and day of contact for the later time. Sugar and Spice Salon had already called in the owner just to get my hair and makeup done on a busy day and she was also able to stay for the adjusted time! After the hectic morning we were finally able to doc and Ellen (our best man’s wife) went with me to line up with the other brides leaving the ship.

Now Ellen was a trooper the whole wedding day. She helped carry my big dress the almost mile walk to the salon in the beating sun where we were greeted with smiles, paper towels, and thankfully mimosa! We spent the rest of the morning getting ready.


While Chris was, of course, blindfolded we made our way to the courthouse to sign all our necessary papers before moving on to our ceremony.


And finally, after what felt like forever, we made it to our ceremony site. Our friends and family all lined up to begin our wedding and I managed to forget my bouquet in the car. So after a second, humorous start we began. Our vows were personalized by our amazing minister, Scott Stuart, and were full of love. We couldn’t have asked for better weather with the warm island breeze and sun setting in the distance despite the %80 chance of rain we had expected. Even with all the changes and unexpected moments, it was perfect.



After the wedding we celebrated with those with us and were able to walk down the beach with our photographer to capture some magic moments alone. It was all a whirlwind and went faster than we could have ever imagined!



As we were preparing to leave our photographer took time to get shots of some of the details of the wedding which we LOVE.

And finally, we made it to our reception at the Sunset Grill which gave as not only some of the most amazing food, but also a table right by the water where we watched the sun finish going down and the boats bobbing out at sea. Between the mouthfuls and laughter it was the best reception we could have asked for surrounded by the people who love and supported us most.


Our wedding was long planned and awaited as most are and having gone through the process myself I cannot wait to continue helping plan the special days of all my brides!

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