Fashion Guide: How to be Cool as Kenma The Quiet Gamer

Fashion Guide: How to be Cool as Kenma The Quiet Gamer

Koizumi Kenma is relatively modest if you ask me. He scarcely makes a sound in a performance when everyone is running about screaming at stuff. As a result, he's more challenging to understand than, say, Bokuto (who, by the way, isn't that difficult to understand). It is possible, though, to get a sense of how he thinks. Long hair necessitates a shorter haircut. For those who are familiar with the series, there are no major spoilers here.

He is Loyal in his Way

Kuroo's steadfast loyalty to his recluse buddy has already been alluded to in the profile I created for him. Kuroo often acts as a rock for kenma to depend on since they spend much time together. However, it's crucial to remember that this kind of devotion is reciprocal. Kuroo is the one who got Kenma interested in volleyball. Although Kenma dislikes the sport and complains about the daily exertion it requires, he continues to play and does well. Because he considers Nekoma to be one of his closest friends, he has stayed with the squad. All of the current members, not only Kuroo, persuaded him to remain in the team while his senpais were acting like scumbags.

Despite Nekoma's emphasis on clean receptions, Kenma is still an excellent setter and assures Hinata to struggle without him. He is correct: Nekoma does not appear to have a second setter, at least among the listed characters. There isn't much of a rotation for a squad that consistently makes it to the nationals. He's staying because they need him and his pals, so he can't go.

A Game of Volleyball

That doesn't mean he doesn't find it annoying. Kenma dislikes working out, but he enjoys playing video games. Furthermore, he can put a lot of his gaming expertise to good use playing volleyball. The show goes to considerable measures to make this point apparent. When Kenma and Lev face off in the Nekoma OVA, they must work together like monster hunters. However, he uses this method to analyze the rival squads as well. Kenma is a poker player at heart. People misjudge him, but he patiently waits until he grasps their true nature before speaking up. To cope with situations like Karasuno's freak, Nekoma has a system in place that incorporates the ability to react quickly.

The Supreme Leader

When it comes to Karasuno, it's unusual to see Kenma become passionate about a game. Hinata appears to be present in each of these instances. There is an intriguing effect to the small ball of sunlight. While Kuroo offers Kenma a sense of security and self-esteem, Hinata is a source of amazement. Because Hinata "shouldn't" be as excellent at volleyball, it may be a contributing factor.

In the same way, Kenma is advised he shouldn't play as a setter since he isn't particularly athletic; the redhead plays a strange position for someone of his size. It doesn't matter how things are supposed to be; Hinata just goes out and does her thing. Kenma is one of the numerous characters that get inspiration from his out-of-placeless and vigor. This makes Hinata a fun boss fight in the game world. Although Kenma displays minor signs of emotionality outwardly, such as Kuroo's 'new game' expression or his beautiful toe wiggle during their first training camp, he does show signs of this within. Hinata is a fascinating opponent for Kenma. So, what are you waiting for? For all the enthusiasts of the anime character, we have a lot of customized T-shirts. Grab yours now!