Thanks for wanting to learn a little more about us! Below are some common questions we get that will help you better understand who we are, who we help, and what you can expect.

  1. Where are you based / where do you service?
    • We are based in Savannah GA and Raleigh NC! Each of our branches services their entire state as well as travel. We work with out of town clients frequently as well!
  2. Do you charge travel fees?
    • We do not charge travel fees for weddings in NC, GA, or SC. We charge fees on destination weddings on an individual basis.
  3. What do you charge?
    • We have details about what each of our packages include and starting prices on our Services Offered page!
    • Our Event Management (commonly known as day of coordination) package ranges from $1,000 – $1,500. Our Partial Planning package ranges from $1,500-$2,500. Our Full Planning package ranges from $3,000+
  4. What kind of clients do you typically work with? 
    • We pride ourselves on working with southern brides and on southern weddings. What does that mean exactly? Whatever it means to you! It can be a southern based wedding, using southern traditions in the wedding, or just the overall feel you want your event to have.
    • We work best with clients who are kind, communicative, and have a passion for crafting a day full of meaning. Because we work so closely with you and your family on this moment in your life, we often leave with clients who are more like friends and cherish those who trust us with something so important.
  5. Who will be my planner / coordinator?
    • As a team of 5, our clients see a variety of us on each wedding! Elizabeth handles all planning clients in Raleigh and Savannah, Jade handles many of our Raleigh coordination clients, Elizabeth handles all Savannah coordination clients, and our rotating interns each season assist on our weddings.
    • Though we assign coordinators often based on location and need, we purposefully hire a team that matches ourselves, our vision, our personalities, and our values. What you fill find across the board is a team that is empathetic, puts others first, energetic, and ready to stand by you through anything.
  6. Is the rehearsal included? When do you start on our event?
    • Yes! We include your rehearsal in all of our packages. We wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    • For all planning packages, we start as soon as you book with us! For our wedding management package, we formally begin around 60 days before your event to wrap up details, walk the venue with you, and contact your vendors. Fun fact, you can email, call, or meet with us ANYTIME with all of our packages. We are here to help.
  7. Are you certified / insured?
    • Yes and yes! We are certified through Duke University and carry liability insurance.
  8. Where can we see more of your work?
    • Check us out on IG: @elizabethsevents
    • We share our couple’s photos there as well as behind the scenes on event days!
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