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Does the Hose Length of a Pressure Washer Matter?

by Rosalind

A pressure washer is an immensely important cleaning tool that you must have if you love cleaning. It is a one-time investment and totally worth it, but one pressure washer component called a hose needs replacement every few years.

If you are buying a hose for the first time, you might have a few important questions to ask, like; which material is the most suitable for a hose, what length will be the best option, or even if the length even matters while choosing a hose and what does this length to have an effect on the water pressure? But worry not, as this article is solely about hose length and its effects. We hope this article will prove to be fruitful for you. So read it till the very end.

Hose Length

Various hose lengths are available in the market, starting from 25-100 feet. Of course, there are more lengthy and shorter hoses available, but they are not very convenient to use.

Effect of Hose Length on Pressure

As we all know, with longer lengths, the pressure of the water will be affected. But the amount of pressure lost per pound per square inch is nearly insignificant. However, this pressure loss will be significant if you use a really lengthy hose like 120 or 150 meters. So, it is recommended to use a length that is between 25 feet to 80 feet.

The pressure produced by the pressure washer

The motor of a pressure washer is a very powerful and strong machine that could generate a pressure of at least 2500 pounds per square inch on a Rated Voltage of 110/220 volts. Keeping this pressure in mind, most hoses under 100 feet will not hassle you.

The issue with a hose that’s too lengthy

Everything in excess is disastrous, and so is the case with a pressure washer hose that is too long. Now you might be wondering what is too long? So, to answer your question, a hose above 100 feet, like 120 or 150l feet, is too long.

To say that a hose too long with impractical wouldn’t be wrong for several major reasons. First off, a lengthy hose will be weightier than a smaller hose and will create problems in movement. And imagine when the water’s weight is added to the weight of the hose. The hose will become too much to even drag.

Another problem with a longer hose is that it’s prone to get damaged more. And if we talk about getting a longer hose repaired, it will cost much more than a normal budget.

One more problem which isn’t a major issue but can be very exasperating at times is the delay of water at the tip of the pressure washer when you turn it on. This will happen because the water will take time to travel in such a long pipe with a lot of pressure being lost.

Last but not least, you can have a problem if you want to take the hose up a steep mound as a significant amount of pressure is already lost because of the length the gravity will also make its effect visible. So, a long hose is really not a good idea.    


You have to remember that a longer hose is not suitable to use because it has its practical limitations. So, instead of using a longer hose, you should use a hose no lengthier than 100 feet. This length will give you optimum results that will make minimal hassle.      

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