2019 Wedding Trends

As we move into the new year, we excitedly look to all the wedding trends to come! Blush, Dusty Blue, Burgundy, Minimalism, Geo Shapes, and Sparkles (gold and rose gold) have been holding strong for the past two years, but 2019 is going to see the emergence of new trends that lean towards nature inspired pallets, decadence, and industrial space. Check out the trends below that we are most excited for!

Rust Color Pallets

Rust, burnt orange, mauve, and other warm tones inspired by nature and sunsets are definitely on the rise this year! We adore these warm vintage colors and when paired with textures such as velvet think they are a new and rich color choice. Deep velvet emeralds and burgundies will also stay in trend in matte shades vs the previously jewel toned and shinier versions. Texture vs sparkle and shine will be on the rise!

Check out the Pinterest photos below for a visual of the trends we are referring to!

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Dusty Blue and Industrial

Dusty blue is still holding strong as the new blush, but for 2019 will be paired with champagne tones for a new combo and brought into industrial places as pops of cooler toned color as opposed to the sunset vibes above. With the exposed metal of industrial venues, the cool blue and shimmer of champagne bring a new sense of elegance and with the lean back towards decadence and away from minimalism this shift makes sense.

2019 4


Boho and Romance

Bridal attire trends this year are leaning heavily towards boho, non traditional, and soft romantic. Because of the lean away from minimalism, and the rise of designers like Haley Paige, brides are opting for more eclectic and/or intricately feminine designs. Off the shoulder gowns with new patterns of lace align with the more floral heavy and decadent move while the vintage colors in favor are also pushing a retro vibe in the boho styles. Hats are also a fun new option vs the more traditional veils for boho leaning brides!

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2018 Year in Review

2018 was such an amazing year for our business! We took on two amazing new team members, began Pop The Champagne, and had more amazing brides than ever before. We also grew in our community, made amazing connections, and stretched our wings in new and exciting ways. We setup our 2019 season to be the best yet but wanted to look back on some of the amazing moments of the past year before moving forward on our journey. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite photos!

IMG_7124IMG_7128IMG_7111IMG_7103IMG_710040481656_3665731447167_570127835910373376_n40464240_3665779728374_7030354219324407808_n40424747_3665748167585_8510765584386883584_o40413611_3665778328339_6262374342647087104_n40380067_3665769608121_8373771190094790656_n40969496_2293571877326070_2315205904774987776_n40973676_2293569870659604_2819327923071221760_o40753922_2293570643992860_8740300804327473152_n40677367_2293571187326139_6430680053549367296_o40932339_2293567100659881_2412461801355608064_nForest Hall Styled Shoot - Arika Jordan Photography-68Forest Hall Styled Shoot - Arika Jordan Photography-19Forest Hall Styled Shoot - Arika Jordan Photography-226Forest Hall Styled Shoot - Arika Jordan Photography-168Forest Hall Styled Shoot - Arika Jordan Photography-195AshleyTimWeddingWeb-56AshleyTimWeddingWeb-77AshleyTimWeddingWeb-213AshleyTimWeddingWeb-320AshleyTimWeddingWeb-553IMG_4735IMG_5004IMG_5554IMG_9889IMG_9407AshleeJoeWeddingWeb-100AshleeJoeWeddingWeb-157AshleeJoeWeddingWeb-214AshleeJoeWeddingWeb-477AshleeJoeWeddingWeb-313G_JoelCeleste_WD_BridalPartyPortraits-5G_JoelCeleste_WD_BridalPartyPortraits-192G_JoelCeleste_WD_Ceremony-164G_JoelCeleste_WD_Preparation-61G_JoelCeleste_WD_Reception-25

Photos by: (In Order)

Andrea Anderson Photography    https://www.andreaandersonphotography.org/

Long Yau Photography    http://longyau.com/

Jammie Mendetta Photography      http://www.jammiem.com/

Arika Jordan Photography    http://arikajordanphotography.com/

The Wild Bloom Co  http://thewildbloom.co/

Julian Evans Photography    https://www.facebook.com/JullianEvansPhotography/

The Wild Bloom Co (Again 🙂

Emma Loo Photography    http://emmaloo.co/


Passion Project

As a wedding planner, there are so many aspects of the event I get to be involved in. I get to work on the planning side, the design elements, and almost always the actual coordination of the event. I’ll admit, however, that the design aspect of weddings in which I get to really flex my creative muscles has long been a favorite. It drives the sometimes insane number of styled shoot that I take on and over the past 6 months has led to the creation of our wedding inventory.

Pop the Champagne! Event Rentals officially became its own business this January so that all brides, whether they choose us to plan their special day or not, have access to truly affordable and beautiful items to make their wedding day dreams a possibility. I have been really taken aback by rental pricing in the past and have seen first hand the disappointment in a bride who wants something beautiful and is told it isn’t possible within her budget by another company. Through this new venture, I am able to both fill a need I see in the local community and explore all new design options and ideas for my brides.

I also firmly believe in giving back to the local community and as such am sourcing a line of new wedding arches and custom decor through CA Designs which is based in the Raleigh area. I shop local as much as possible for rental items rather than ordering online to keep my pricing as low as possible for the wonderful brides I get to work with.

While my rental company will never replace Elizabeth’s Events for me, I am excited for this new venture to take off and become both a valuable resource and creative outlet in the best way possible. Thanks for all the love and support from our creative community and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Please feel free to check out the sister site at http://www.pop-the-champagne.com!




2018 Engagement Stories

As engagement season is in full swing we wanted to feature some of the touching engagement stories of our followers! These are the first moments that lead to the amazing weddings we are a part of and deserve just as much attention and love. Thanks to all who submitted their stories, and we hope you enjoy Whitney and Kimmie’s!


On December 17, 2017, the love of my life asked me to marry him. The day marked a second annual tradition of dinner at a delicious restaurant, followed by a walk around Airlie Gardens in Wilmington to see the beautiful Christmas lights and botanical art, while listening to Christmas music. Airlie Gardens set the stage for an enchanting and magical moment I had no idea was coming. My fiancé Kenny and I had just about walked the entire grounds when I noticed it was starting to rain. Having just gotten my hair done for the special day, I mentioned it to him and was met with the response of “don’t worry about it; it’s not in the forecast”. Now I laugh every time I think about that moment and the curious look of determination on his face, but then I was ducking under trees like I was in a video game.

The sprinkle eventually ended around the time we made our way back to the beautiful swan lights just beyond the lake, and everyone else had cleared out. As I was turning to leave, Kenny said he had something very important to ask me. He got down on one knee, called me by my full name and told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him with the exact ring I had fallen in love with months before while we were ring shopping. At this point I was in tears but made sure to get my “yes” out before, to his amusement, reassuring him several times that they were “happy tears”. We sat down on the small bench overlooking the lighted swans and he recounted to me how he had secretly tracked down the ring and met with my father for his permission.

You see, Kenny and I have been in a long distance relationship for the past year and a half, so he drove up from Wilmington to Raleigh on the first Monday night of December to have dinner with my father, to then come right back. We were about to take a selfie to document the special spot when a young woman offered to take our photo. I held up my ring and it was at that moment people entering the area started to catch on and began applauding and congratulating us; little kids were giving me high-fives. It was one of the most amazing moments of my entire life. It is a quite indescribable feeling to literally be walking through a winter wonderland while emotionally floating on cloud nine after the man of your dreams asks you to be his wife. We are both so thankful and blessed to have found one another, and to have friends and family that have been and continue to support us every step of the way. I cannot wait to say “I do” on our wedding day!


My fiance, London, and I have been together for two years. We had discussed marriage, but I assumed we would wait to get engaged until after our graduation from NC State this May (I am completing my PhD, London his MBA). Needless to say, when we planned a Caribbean cruise, I had no idea he was planning to propose.

On December 18, after a nice dinner, we walked down to our stateroom where red roses, champagne, and a card were waiting for me. The card read, “To my best friend, I cannot wait to start our forever.” When I turned around, he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I cried (which I did not think would be my reaction), and we spent the rest of the evening running around the boat telling complete strangers that we were getting married! We didn’t have phone or internet access, so none of our friends or family knew for nearly one week! It was nice to keep it our little secret, but telling our family on Christmas Eve was the best present I could have asked for!


2017 Raleigh Wedding Planner Year In Review

As we head into the New Year we wanted to take the time to look back at all of our wonderful weddings in the past year! This was our first full year in business and each bride made it more special than we could have ever imagined. We were also fortunate to working with some absolutely amazing vendors teams along the way that will be popping back up for our 2018 weddings! Here are a few of our favorite moments (It was very difficult to choose!)








Various photographers used above. Check each individual wedding for specifics details!


Wedding Couples Guide to Authenticity

One of the things couples seem most concerned about when planning their dream wedding is staying true to who they are and their preferences. In an industry that consistently publishes articles on the right way to do everything for your wedding from seating arrangements to processional order it can be difficult for couples not to fall back on “tradition”. And while I love tradition, and know that it can be right for some couples, one size absolutely does not fit all. Weddings are high visibility so when couples see beautiful shoots done in the latest fashion, with thousands of likes, how easy can it be to say no, to choose something else? Here’s your answer:




Tradition says a wedding dress is white, brides shouldn’t look too sexy, it must be floor length, and while colored dresses are more popular now, all of these choices are ALWAYS acceptable. Couples forget this is THEIR DAY. This is THEIR MARRIAGE, THEIR LIFE, and it should start with decisions that are completely them. If a bride has a bright and vivid personality, why shouldn’t her dress reflect that? If a woman is proud of her body she should be able to show that to her husband and the world in a fitted gown. The dress is one choice a bride has so much control over and she should never forget that.



Weddings trends are ever changing and new “in season” colors are released yearly. If you haven’t heard of blush and marsala I don’t know where you’ve been….but brides don’t have to stick to the newest trend or color, their focus should be on how their choices reflect their identity as a couple. If a bride loves to travel, she could have a seating chart with countries instead of table numbers. If a couple loves blue and purple those colors should be incorporated whether or not they are “in”. If a couple is laid back then why not choose a buffet or BBQ over an overly facncy 4 course plated meal? As many or as few details can and should be chosen to represent the couple, not any preconceived expectations.



The industry has come a long way in its variety of wedding invitation choices and this is such an easy area for couples to personalize. The couple could use the skyline of the city they are getting married in, customized stamps with the location of the ceremony, formal invitations for a more traditional couple, etc. The idea here is to not miss a great way to show your guests who you are together, don’t forget to let them see that.

Seating charts are also such a formal part of weddings. There are a million guides with seating suggestions from family on down, but if that isn’t something a couple is comfortable with it absolutely isn’t necessary. A laid back couple could easily do open seating or a formal couple could create their entire plan. Either way is completely acceptable and very customizable with signage.


While I could continue on I hope you see the idea here: no matter what area of the wedding, couples should know that their choices reflect who they are together and don’t have to follow any preconceived ideas or pressure from others. You only get one day, and it should be just the way you’ve imagined it. In case you every forget: THIS IS YOUR WEDDING, YOU ARE THE ROCKSTAR, AND ROCKSTARS MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES.

Happy Planning!



Photos by: Ariel Kaitlin Photography



Featured Shoot and Weddings!

Recently Elizabeth’s Event’s weddings and styled shoots have been picked up by a variety of places and we wanted to share the love!

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Off Beat Bride featured our Game of Thrones Shoot!


Pop Sugar also featured our Game of Thrones Shoot!




April Styled Shoot!

April’s Styled Shoot was the largest and most incredible yet! I got the chance to work with over 13 amazing vendors from rings to decor and more. This group worked so hard to help make the vision a reality down to buying the model shoes and while it was definitely challenging at times, it was more than worth all the effort.

Our theme was garden meets the sea. We wanted a tropical feel at a non tropical location. I absolutely love the giant bouquets our florist created and we worked from there to incorporate pinks, oranges, greens, and blues throughout the shoot. We also wanted a clean and modern feel so we opted for solids, clean lines, and white backdrops. The bride and groom were so sweet to work with and just got married in real life last Sunday (Congrats!). Our bridal party consisted of fellow wedding planners and another soon to be wed couple. Needless to say this group was a blast.

My favorite details in the shoot include the sea glass place card details, the golden pineapple lawn bowling game for cocktail hour (what better lawn game is there??), the wrought iron and glass tables, and the florals. Because of last minute complications with vendor availability, I made all of the centerpiece florals (and burnt the heck out of my finger making them) and am pretty proud of how they turned out. I also created the blackberry, watermelon, and blueberry skewers (which were delicious by the way!). All in all this shoot pushed each vendor to work hard and it turned into something we all found pretty amazing. I hope you enjoy!


Photographer: Ariel Kaitlin Photography
Model: Jessica Rivera and Adam Copeland
Venue: The Leaning Tree
Florist: Kremer Faux Florals Alexis Kremer
Hair: Naomi Yata
Makeup: Makeup by Nancy
Dress: Alexia’s Bridal
Tux: The Tailored Look
Videographer: SarahFaucette
Cake: Rachel Bailey
Decor Rental: Aryn Baker: Minted Spaces
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Rings: Joint Venture Jewelry
Bridesmaids: Amanda Buchanan, Emily Warrick, and Mariah Hopkins



“Green” Wedding Decor

While there are many ways to go green, the last major area we will be covering is decor! “Green” decor is another area with lots of easy and affordable options for brides who want to limit the environmental impact of their event. From centerpieces to place cards and favors, green decor is in.

The big current trend for centerpieces and decor is greenery. From lush centerpieces to hanging installations, plants and flowers are huge. For a bride who chooses to be eco-friendly this is a great way to keep up with current styles since flowers are both gorgeous and easily decomposed. Another way to go even more “green” is to used recycled or second hand vases and pots for the plants. The bride can also use floral centerpieces as guest favors at the end of the night, allowing them to take home a living piece of the wedding. Some companies will even take centerpieces apart afterwards and put a few stems wrapped in tissue paper for each guest.

And if florals aren’t a bride’s vision, most kinds of centerpieces can be bought from a previous bride or thrift store. Lanterns, votives, table runners, books, and more are common choices a bride can take and put her own unique spin on. Vintage is also a big trend still going in weddings which makes eco-friendly centerpieces an easy choice with antique and thrift shops in almost every town. Brides also have the option of renting decor from a local company. This way she can ensure she gets all the pieces she wants and that nothing will be wasted.

Place cards are another area that is going away from traditional paper print format. Now brides often choose unique pieces that can double as the wedding favor. Some examples include: flower pots with seed packets and the guests name on the pot, local handmade soap bars with the guests name carved in, recycled glass paper weights with names written on in calligraphy, etc. The doubling of favor and place card makes things easier for the bride and produces less waste.

The key takeaway here, as in the other “Green” posts is that even one green choice is better than none. Hopefully through this short series brides can see how easy and affordable having a green wedding is. We all have a responsibility to do the best we can for the world we live in.

Happy Planning!


Bridal Fashion Week

Now that Bridal Fashion Week has come and gone, we are still seeing dreams of new gowns in our heads. Here are a few of our favorites!

*Thanks to Brides.com for covering all of the new designer lines! http://www.brides.com/wedding-dresses-style/bridal-fashion-week*

First up, an Idan Cohen gown with some of the most amazing bead work. The silhouette is sheer and flattering and the cape makes it an absolute dream.


Gown by Idan Cohen : Photo by Gerardo Somoza

This Monique Lhuillier gown is for the bride who wants to make a statement. Between the grey/blue coloring and the layered beading and jewels this gown doesn’t fail to impress.


Wedding Dress by Monique Lhuillier : Photo by Rodin Banica

Dany Mizrachi’s gown is a perfect blend of feminine and statement. The lace detail and pattered skirt draw in the eye while the off the shoulder look keeps it soft.


Wedding Dress  by Dany Mizrachi : Photo by Rodin Banica

Jaclyn Jordan was one of the few designers, in our opinion, who’s majority collection was stunning. They didn’t just feature one stunning gown but a whole collection of soft, feminine, and stunning gowns. From dip dye, to crystals, to unexpected details they rocked fashion week.




To see the entire Spring 2018 collection visit http://www.jaclynjordannyc.com/spring-2018


This is only one of MANY Hayley Paige gowns that rocked Bridal Week this year. Paige, like Jordan, had a large collection of stunning gowns to choose from. This blush ballgown comes off incredibly romantic while keeping this years trends of large flower appliques and sheer necklines.


Photo by Coastal Knot

Hayley Paige also featured this eye catching gown. The pattern is unique and provides a statement without being too loud. The plunging neckline and thin straps keep the silhouette as interesting as the dress. Can you say swoon??


Photo from http://www.theknot.com

This Jim Hjelm gown is not only breathtaking from the front with its plunging neckline and nature inspired patterns, but features and open back and chapel train as well making it the perfect mixture of statement gown and traditional feel. His entire collection can be seen at the link below and we loved EVERY SINGLE GOWN.


Dress by Jim Hjelm : Photo by Gerardo Somaza

Berta Bridal’s Line features mostly light blue/silver gowns and definetly shows as some of the most seductive gowns in the show this year. For the bride who wants to make a statement and isn’t afraid to show a little skin her designers are to die for.


Dress by Berta Bridal : Photo by Rodin Banica

Liancarlo was one of the final designers who wowed us with several designs. This gown however stands out from the majority of fashion week in that it makes a statement with its mixture of satin and tulle rather than with appliques or sheer designs. It is as unique as it is stunning.


Photo provided by designer Liancarlo

While Fashion Week may be over, there is no end to the fabulous stream of gowns for Spring 2018. Major trends this year not featured above included the color black, shawls and capes, feather details, large flowers rather than lace, and backless details. Happy Planning!


Going “Green” Catering

Another area with lots of options for brides to go “Green” is catering! From food selection, service, and leftovers, going green in this area of weddings is one of the easiest!

First, when considering green food selection, brides should look for locally sourced, organic, and fair-trade options. Ask caterers that meet your food expectations if they can provide any of these options! You can also consider free-range meats and locally sourced menus that not only benefit your guests, but the community in the area as well. If you need a place to start, http://www.dinegreen.com lists green restaurants!



Next, food service is one of the biggest and easiest ways a bride can go green for her wedding. The waste a wedding of any size can produce using all disposable products is astounding, and the reality is it will all end up in local landfills. Choosing re-usable tableware and utensils is not only easy, but is very “in” with the industry right now! China plates, gold silverware, and pieces like chargers are all very popular styles and eco-friendly options. Cloth napkins are another option that is seen as the industry standard for formal and upscale events and an easy switch to make. They can add a pop of color to your table and prevent the waste that paper napkins bring. By ditching paper plates and napkins, a bride can significantly lower her environmental impact.



Finally, after dinner has been served, instead of throwing out leftovers or packing them up in Styrofoam containers, brides can make the eco-friendly choice to have her caterer or planner deliver the food to local shelters or soup kitchens (Plan for this in advance with your vendors). Food has to be delivered or cooled within a certain time frame but giving back in this way to the community not only saves waste but makes a big impact in the lives of others. And as if giving back to others wasn’t enough, these kinds of donations can also be written off on taxes if the proper documents are requested at delivery.



While a bride doesn’t have to make all of the above choices, making even one of these for her event will significantly reduce the impact the event has on the environment and provides the opportunity to give back to the local community.






First Image: https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/236628467/wedding-menu-card-rustic-wedding-menu?utm_source=OpenGraph&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

Second Image: http://chicvintagebrides.com/convertible-bridesmaid-dress-jenny-yoo/

Third Image: http://blog.galapal.com/2014/01/feed-the-hungry-how-to-donate-leftover-food


The Kind of Planner I Am

In order to give you a real look into my abilities as a planner I want to share a little about what people think being a planner is and the reality of the job. People think I plan the perfect day and that everything goes perfectly when I share the beautiful photos and details. The truth however is not nearly so simple.

This past Saturday was finally the day of the styled shoot I had been excitedly planning for the past few months. It was a great experience in getting to be truly creative and I couldn’t have been more excited . It was going to be a sunny, dry, perfect day with all my vendors. What actually happened couldn’t have been farther from the plan. First, the snowstorm the previous week meant schedule changes for my vendors meaning several had to come later or leave early, but we made it work. Then the day before the florist found out she couldn’t come because of weather! So she came down early to set everything up. We were making it work.

It was finally the morning of and I woke up full of excitement, then I realized it was in fact raining. With an outdoor venue this meant mud. Designer dresses and mud don’t mix well. Luckily the rain stopped by the time we arrived at our venue but it was cold out and for the first couple hours we used our blankets. I had people tell me that the outdoor part of the shoot couldn’t be done with the soft ground. But after everything we had already gotten through I knew it could be done.

And here is the difference in me as a planner: I’m here to get the job done. Things go wrong in every wedding but the show can’t stop, we can’t just go home. We have to figure out the best way through it. So on this cloudy, cold, muddy day, I grabbed a tarp and blankets and put my model on them. We carried her dress the long walk to the lake side of the site. And you know what happened? We got the best shots of the day. Albeit we lost my wedding ring in the process (it was later thankfully found). At so many points I could have given up on that part of the shoot, could have called it off for weather. But my job is to work with the kind of day I get and I always will.

If you want a planner who is going to problem solve in the moment and make sure your day goes as best as possible no matter what the circumstances then you’ve found the right planner. If you want someone who is going to say it’s not possible then maybe not. Some might call it stubborn, but I choose to call it dedication to the job I love and I will continue to plan this way throughout my career.