About the Planner


Hi Brides! My name is Elizabeth and I am the owner and one of the lead planners of Elizabeth’s Events. I am a transplant from West Virginia and have been living in North Carolina for the past four years. I will be a resident of Savannah Georgia come fall 2019 and can’t wait to expand our brand there (along with my sweet kitties of course). I love going on adventures together and with my couples (shout out to you amazing elopement brides!) and you can find me any given weeknight exploring wedding blogs and magazines, curled up with a good book, or grabbing dinner with friends. I love to make the most out of life and treasure the little things. Every couple has a love story and my passion is helping your guests see all of its unique beauty like we do.

*Above photo by Danielle Riley Photography


About The Team



Elizabeth’s Events is a team of 2 lead coordinators and 3 assistants. We are located in Savannah and Raleigh! We choose which coordinators to put on each wedding based on wedding needs, location, personality matches, and more. All coordinators are trained on multiple weddings before hiring and have ongoing training throughout the year as a team. Each of our coordinators has a realty unique and fun personality (a big part of why we hired them!) and is here to help make sure each bride’s day go as smoothly and stress free as possible. We walk away from weddings with clients that are more life friends because we feel personal relationships and connecting with others is one of the most important things we can do. The better we understand each client the better we are able to serve.

*Photo above by Arika Jorden Photography


About the Job



Elizabeth’s Events-

As a planner, I believe firmly in open communication. I am constantly in touch with my brides checking in on things that need to be done, sending over inspiration and helpful articles, and celebrating life as it happens to each of us. I aim to get to know each of my couples personally so I can better bring out the unique parts of their relationship in each detail we plan from the kind of food served to the lighting at their reception. We are also a very driven planning team. We know that things will inevitability happen. No wedding goes off perfectly from a late vendor, lost earring, broken zipper, etc. But it is our job to make sure those things are taken care of and the day moves forward as it should. We are problem solvers and are determined to make your wedding day special! Whatever the job may be, we get it done and with a smile. Expect to hear “no worries, we got it” A LOT and maybe a few funny remarks about crazy aunt Sheryl (seriously, everyone has one). We make wedding days fun and keep things light, like they should be.

*Above Photo by Amy and Archer Photography

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