3 Best Hand Tools Every Farm Should Have

3 Best Hand Tools Every Farm Should Have

Hand tools are tools that are operated by hand and not by electricity. They usually require manual labor for operation and are used for jobs that require more power than bare hands. Farming hand tools include shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and cutlasses. They are usually used for farming activities like tilling soil, clearing soil, and also in planting and harvesting processes. Now, there are plenty modern, electric-powered farming tools to handle these same activities. So why should farmers still use hand tools in 2022?

Advantages of Using Hand Tools on Farms

  • Hand tools are cheap
  • They are easy to store
  • They do not require much maintenance compared to other farming tools operated by electricity
  • They do not require electricity or gas to be used
  • They do not take up much storage space
  • Using hand tools gives farmers the traditional feel that comes with farming and gardening

The 3 Hand Tools Every Farm Should Have


A farm hoe is one hand tool every modern farm should have. Hoes are simple tools with a sharp blade attached to a handle. The blade is usually made of metal, while the handle is made of wood. Hoes have been in use for a very long time, even as early as the stone age period and they have come a long way in farming or gardening. There are different types of hoes such as stirrup hoes, draw hoes, ridging hoes, and scuffle hoes, to name just a few. Hoes are mainly used for containing or removing weeds from a farm plot or garden, but farmers also use hoes to cultivate the soil and in the harvesting of crops. This contributes to the wide variety of hoes available in the market because there are so many hoes designed for specific use. Therefore, it's important to have a couple in every farm's tool shed.

Spades and Shovels

Spades and shovels are very different even though, at first glance, they look similar. Spades have a flat tip, and the tip of a shovel is curved or pointed. The blade of a spade is usually smaller and it may also have a T-shaped or D-shaped handle for gripping. Shovels, on the other hand, are longer and have bigger blades. A shovel is best used for digging and carrying sand and dirt from one place to another. A spade, however, digs better on strong surfaces and in digging trenches. It also works best when used to slice roots or soil, and in edging garden beds.


A wheelbarrow is a hand tool used for carrying heavy stuff and moving things like dirt from one place to another. It has one wheel supporting a cart, where things are placed, and is driven and controlled by two handles. Most wheelbarrows are made of metals, but there are some are made with plastic. The metal wheelbarrows are stronger and generally considered better for farm use. This is because they can support and carry more load compared to plastic wheelbarrows. However, metal wheelbarrows suffer from rust easily and are heavier. Plastic wheelbarrows, on the other hand, are lighter and are not affected by rust. Wheelbarrows are used to move a variety of things on a farm such as dirt, wood, plants, or even other farm tools.

Final Thoughts

Tools are a very essential part of farm or garden work. Using the wrong tools can make work more tedious and less rewarding. So, it is important to have the essentials in this article – hoes, spades and shovels, as well as wheelbarrows – and use them the right way.