As we move into the new year, we excitedly look to all the wedding trends to come! Blush, Dusty Blue, Burgundy, Minimalism, Geo Shapes, and Sparkles (gold and rose gold) have been holding strong for the past two years, but 2019 is going to see the emergence of new trends that lean towards nature inspired pallets, decadence, and industrial space. Check out the trends below that we are most excited for!

Rust Color Pallets

Rust, burnt orange, mauve, and other warm tones inspired by nature and sunsets are definitely on the rise this year! We adore these warm vintage colors and when paired with textures such as velvet think they are a new and rich color choice. Deep velvet emeralds and burgundies will also stay in trend in matte shades vs the previously jewel toned and shinier versions. Texture vs sparkle and shine will be on the rise!

Check out the Pinterest photos below for a visual of the trends we are referring to!

2019 22019 12019 32019 5


Dusty Blue and Industrial

Dusty blue is still holding strong as the new blush, but for 2019 will be paired with champagne tones for a new combo and brought into industrial places as pops of cooler toned color as opposed to the sunset vibes above. With the exposed metal of industrial venues, the cool blue and shimmer of champagne bring a new sense of elegance and with the lean back towards decadence and away from minimalism this shift makes sense.

2019 4


Boho and Romance

Bridal attire trends this year are leaning heavily towards boho, non traditional, and soft romantic. Because of the lean away from minimalism, and the rise of designers like Haley Paige, brides are opting for more eclectic and/or intricately feminine designs. Off the shoulder gowns with new patterns of lace align with the more floral heavy and decadent move while the vintage colors in favor are also pushing a retro vibe in the boho styles. Hats are also a fun new option vs the more traditional veils for boho leaning brides!

2019 102019 72019 62019 82019 9

One Comment on “2019 Wedding Trends

  1. Elizabeth is a phenomenal coordinator who went beyond the call of duty for us on our big day! Our initial wedding coordinator backed out on without notice a couple weeks prior and luckily Elizabeth was gracious to step in! Her decor and color suggestions were great and she worked tirelessly to see that every detail was addressed! We would recommend her to any couple looking for the it person to make their special day one of a kind!!


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