Vendor Spotlight: Laurel Calligraphy

Hi All! We are starting a new blog series called “Vendor Spotlight” where each month we will feature one or two local vendors who are doing an amazing job! Watch here for their stories, advice to brides, and more!


Our first vendor is Laura Spivey of Laurel Calligraphy! Laura is a local vendor that we

adore working with for her unique style, warm heart, and eye for all things luxury.

Laura, funny as it is now, was told as a child that her handwriting would never be pretty

and that it was in fact the worst in her family! Not to be defeated however, she began to

look into calligraphy both for her handwriting and her own wedding. This small act has

now become a passion that she shares with each bride she works with.


Laura struggled initially with finding a calligraphy style that fit with her classic

southern and glam style so instead, she has worked hard to create the style she needed

through practice and dedication. She is now able to share this style and many others

with clients to really hone in on the kind of event and feel each bride wants! She goes so

far beyond basic script to create something unique, personal, and memorable for both

clients and their guests.


Laura jokes that the hardest part of the job is finding words and addresses to practice

on in her spare time. She says she must be on the FBI watch list for googling fake

addresses so many times!

As for her best piece of advice to brides when choosing stationary, she says to

remember that the stationary is typically the first and only thing a guest sees before the

wedding and therefore sets the stage for how they envision and experience the event.

  If you are interested in calligraphy with Laura her website is  !!!

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