One of the things couples seem most concerned about when planning their dream wedding is staying true to who they are and their preferences. In an industry that consistently publishes articles on the right way to do everything for your wedding from seating arrangements to processional order it can be difficult for couples not to fall back on “tradition”. And while I love tradition, and know that it can be right for some couples, one size absolutely does not fit all. Weddings are high visibility so when couples see beautiful shoots done in the latest fashion, with thousands of likes, how easy can it be to say no, to choose something else? Here’s your answer:




Tradition says a wedding dress is white, brides shouldn’t look too sexy, it must be floor length, and while colored dresses are more popular now, all of these choices are ALWAYS acceptable. Couples forget this is THEIR DAY. This is THEIR MARRIAGE, THEIR LIFE, and it should start with decisions that are completely them. If a bride has a bright and vivid personality, why shouldn’t her dress reflect that? If a woman is proud of her body she should be able to show that to her husband and the world in a fitted gown. The dress is one choice a bride has so much control over and she should never forget that.



Weddings trends are ever changing and new “in season” colors are released yearly. If you haven’t heard of blush and marsala I don’t know where you’ve been….but brides don’t have to stick to the newest trend or color, their focus should be on how their choices reflect their identity as a couple. If a bride loves to travel, she could have a seating chart with countries instead of table numbers. If a couple loves blue and purple those colors should be incorporated whether or not they are “in”. If a couple is laid back then why not choose a buffet or BBQ over an overly facncy 4 course plated meal? As many or as few details can and should be chosen to represent the couple, not any preconceived expectations.



The industry has come a long way in its variety of wedding invitation choices and this is such an easy area for couples to personalize. The couple could use the skyline of the city they are getting married in, customized stamps with the location of the ceremony, formal invitations for a more traditional couple, etc. The idea here is to not miss a great way to show your guests who you are together, don’t forget to let them see that.

Seating charts are also such a formal part of weddings. There are a million guides with seating suggestions from family on down, but if that isn’t something a couple is comfortable with it absolutely isn’t necessary. A laid back couple could easily do open seating or a formal couple could create their entire plan. Either way is completely acceptable and very customizable with signage.


While I could continue on I hope you see the idea here: no matter what area of the wedding, couples should know that their choices reflect who they are together and don’t have to follow any preconceived ideas or pressure from others. You only get one day, and it should be just the way you’ve imagined it. In case you every forget: THIS IS YOUR WEDDING, YOU ARE THE ROCKSTAR, AND ROCKSTARS MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES.

Happy Planning!



Photos by: Ariel Kaitlin Photography


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