While there are many ways to go green, the last major area we will be covering is decor! “Green” decor is another area with lots of easy and affordable options for brides who want to limit the environmental impact of their event. From centerpieces to place cards and favors, green decor is in.

The big current trend for centerpieces and decor is greenery. From lush centerpieces to hanging installations, plants and flowers are huge. For a bride who chooses to be eco-friendly this is a great way to keep up with current styles since flowers are both gorgeous and easily decomposed. Another way to go even more “green” is to used recycled or second hand vases and pots for the plants. The bride can also use floral centerpieces as guest favors at the end of the night, allowing them to take home a living piece of the wedding. Some companies will even take centerpieces apart afterwards and put a few stems wrapped in tissue paper for each guest.

And if florals aren’t a bride’s vision, most kinds of centerpieces can be bought from a previous bride or thrift store. Lanterns, votives, table runners, books, and more are common choices a bride can take and put her own unique spin on. Vintage is also a big trend still going in weddings which makes eco-friendly centerpieces an easy choice with antique and thrift shops in almost every town. Brides also have the option of renting decor from a local company. This way she can ensure she gets all the pieces she wants and that nothing will be wasted.

Place cards are another area that is going away from traditional paper print format. Now brides often choose unique pieces that can double as the wedding favor. Some examples include: flower pots with seed packets and the guests name on the pot, local handmade soap bars with the guests name carved in, recycled glass paper weights with names written on in calligraphy, etc. The doubling of favor and place card makes things easier for the bride and produces less waste.

The key takeaway here, as in the other “Green” posts is that even one green choice is better than none. Hopefully through this short series brides can see how easy and affordable having a green wedding is. We all have a responsibility to do the best we can for the world we live in.

Happy Planning!

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