Another area with lots of options for brides to go “Green” is catering! From food selection, service, and leftovers, going green in this area of weddings is one of the easiest!

First, when considering green food selection, brides should look for locally sourced, organic, and fair-trade options. Ask caterers that meet your food expectations if they can provide any of these options! You can also consider free-range meats and locally sourced menus that not only benefit your guests, but the community in the area as well. If you need a place to start, lists green restaurants!



Next, food service is one of the biggest and easiest ways a bride can go green for her wedding. The waste a wedding of any size can produce using all disposable products is astounding, and the reality is it will all end up in local landfills. Choosing re-usable tableware and utensils is not only easy, but is very “in” with the industry right now! China plates, gold silverware, and pieces like chargers are all very popular styles and eco-friendly options. Cloth napkins are another option that is seen as the industry standard for formal and upscale events and an easy switch to make. They can add a pop of color to your table and prevent the waste that paper napkins bring. By ditching paper plates and napkins, a bride can significantly lower her environmental impact.



Finally, after dinner has been served, instead of throwing out leftovers or packing them up in Styrofoam containers, brides can make the eco-friendly choice to have her caterer or planner deliver the food to local shelters or soup kitchens (Plan for this in advance with your vendors). Food has to be delivered or cooled within a certain time frame but giving back in this way to the community not only saves waste but makes a big impact in the lives of others. And as if giving back to others wasn’t enough, these kinds of donations can also be written off on taxes if the proper documents are requested at delivery.



While a bride doesn’t have to make all of the above choices, making even one of these for her event will significantly reduce the impact the event has on the environment and provides the opportunity to give back to the local community.






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