The “Green” Bride

One of the common trends for brides in the past few years has been going “green”. And no I don’t mean green as in the Pantone color of the year, I’m talking about environmentally conscious brides. The wedding industry is bigger than it has ever been and with larger events comes larger waste. The goal of “green” brides is to reduce the amount of waste produced from their event and make eco-friendly choices. Even making one green choice is better than making none. If every bride chose at least one way to be eco-friendly we could all make a huge difference on the carbon footprint our industry is leaving. So for this series, I am going to be sharing easy ways to go GREEN!

Our first tip is going green with stationary:

The water and energy and natural resources it takes to make traditional paper has a huge impact on our eco system and carbon footprint which makes stationary an easy way for brides to go green. From save the dates to invitations to menu cards, weddings use a substantial amount of stationary which is often disposed of in the end to make its way to landfills. This gives brides a few ways in which they can make a more green choice:

-The first is to ask guests to recycle the paper you send and to ensure any paper at the event is recycled properly by the cleanup crew. This however is somewhat difficult since you cannot guarantee guests will follow said instructions.

– Brides can also choose to purchase their stationary for the event from recycled paper and products which reduces the need to produce new paper and saves on resources. This option can be paired with the first for maximum reuse of materials.

– A third popular eco-friendly choice is to purchase alternative paper materials. Stationary can be made from Bamboo, cotton, plants, and even seeds. All of the options produce less environmental waste in their processes and have been used for centuries in other countries and are easily re used and/or broken down.

*My personal favorite is stationary made from seeds that when planted will produce flowers! This ensures not only a smaller carbon footprint in production but a product that physically gives back to nature in its final form. You can find this kind of stationary in the photo below from They have every kind of stationary needed for events and even confetti for the exit that turns into flowers!



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