In order to give you a real look into my abilities as a planner I want to share a little about what people think being a planner is and the reality of the job. People think I plan the perfect day and that everything goes perfectly when I share the beautiful photos and details. The truth however is not nearly so simple.

This past Saturday was finally the day of the styled shoot I had been excitedly planning for the past few months. It was a great experience in getting to be truly creative and I couldn’t have been more excited . It was going to be a sunny, dry, perfect day with all my vendors. What actually happened couldn’t have been farther from the plan. First, the snowstorm the previous week meant schedule changes for my vendors meaning several had to come later or leave early, but we made it work. Then the day before the florist found out she couldn’t come because of weather! So she came down early to set everything up. We were making it work.

It was finally the morning of and I woke up full of excitement, then I realized it was in fact raining. With an outdoor venue this meant mud. Designer dresses and mud don’t mix well. Luckily the rain stopped by the time we arrived at our venue but it was cold out and for the first couple hours we used our blankets. I had people tell me that the outdoor part of the shoot couldn’t be done with the soft ground. But after everything we had already gotten through I knew it could be done.

And here is the difference in me as a planner: I’m here to get the job done. Things go wrong in every wedding but the show can’t stop, we can’t just go home. We have to figure out the best way through it. So on this cloudy, cold, muddy day, I grabbed a tarp and blankets and put my model on them. We carried her dress the long walk to the lake side of the site. And you know what happened? We got the best shots of the day. Albeit we lost my wedding ring in the process (it was later thankfully found). At so many points I could have given up on that part of the shoot, could have called it off for weather. But my job is to work with the kind of day I get and I always will.

If you want a planner who is going to problem solve in the moment and make sure your day goes as best as possible no matter what the circumstances then you’ve found the right planner. If you want someone who is going to say it’s not possible then maybe not. Some might call it stubborn, but I choose to call it dedication to the job I love and I will continue to plan this way throughout my career.

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