Hi Brides!

As a newer planner, I still work full time during the week and therefore have devoted my night and weekends to the pursuit that I love: weddings! I have spent the last two weekends getting to meet and work with 5 of my now 12 2016/2017 brides. These women have blown me away with their excitement, energy, and warmth. I could not be more excited to make their day as special as possible! I feel so lucky to have a job where I literally glow with happiness at each bridal meeting as opposed to the stress and discontent so many Americans feel in their own jobs. I am convinced that nothing is as heartwarming as births and weddings so being a part of such a joyous life moment is both an honor and a privilege.

I have begun the “Meet the Couples” page as a preview for the portfolio soon to come and will add brides as they send in their information. I respect that not all my brides wish to be featured publicly and am honored for the ones who choose to be! My current and future brides deserve for the world to see just how special their relationships are.

I am also excited to announce that along with my upcoming November 2016 bride, my own wedding in December will be featured in my portfolio (Since I planned it!!). I am putting together a special surprise for January’s addition so keep your eyes out! This spring will have lots of additions as May is all booked up 🙂

Happy Planning!

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